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The Department of Finance and Accounting, Property Tax Division is responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes for the City government. Property tax bills provide the map number, description and street address, fair market value, taxable value, tax rate and tax amount for property. 

The proposed property tax millage rate is 12.619. Please see the links listed below for additional pertinent information for current 2020 property tax season.

2020 Five Year History
2020 Notice of Property Tax Increase
2020 Notice of Pubilc Hearings


The City of College Park does not have a school tax, however; City residents of the College Park pay school taxes to Fulton County and/or Clayton County. 

The 2020 tax bills/statements are tentatively due December 23, 2020.

Tax payment is due sixty (60) days after the mail date.


2020-21 Millage Rate Press Release


Failure to receive a bill does not relieve property owners of the responsibility to make payment by the due date. 

Payments must be received by the due date to be considered timely. The postmark date will not satisfy this requirement. 


Property tax payments may be mailed to: 

City of College Park
Attention: Philip Latona
PO Box 87137
College Park, GA 30337

Payments may also be made in person at City Hall, 3667 Main Street, College Park, GA 30337 during normal business hours which are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday (by appointment). 

The City of College Park accepts these forms of payment:

* Cash
* Check
* Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MC and Discover)
* Money Order

If your taxes are included in your mortgage payments, please send a copy of the property tax bill to your mortgage company. The City of College Park does not send a duplicate copy to mortgage companies; the original bill is sent directly to the property owner.

If you are a new owner and receive a tax bill in the previous owner's name, please make the appropriate changes on your bill. You will also need to notify the Fulton or Clayton County Tax Commissioner's office of the correction.


You may now view, print and pay your property taxes online via this secure web portal
College Park GA - Pay Property Taxes

As an added convenience, our office now offers e-Checks as an option to pay your property tax bill. There is a $5.00 flat rate option versus the 3% service fee for using a credit card. 

Government Window, LLC is a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and debit cards. This third party vendor will charge a 3% service fee for each transaction. The fees charged for this service are at the discretion of Government Window, LLC.  The City of College Park does not receive any portion of this fee.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • If multiple tax bills are being paid, the fee is charged for each tax bill.
  • Tax bills must be paid individually.
  • If you have taxes due for multiple years, the oldest year must be paid first.
  • If the bill is delinquent, a current payoff must be calculated with late fees.

International customers desiring to pay their property tax bills electronically, please contact our office for processing information. Ask to speak with the Property Tax Division.


Philip Latona
Property Tax Accountant

Property Tax Inquiries:
P: (404) 669-3765
F: (404) 765-7075

City of College Park
Attn: Property Taxes
P.O. Box 87137
College Park, GA 30337