Council Meeting 5.17.21

Council Meeting 5.17.21
Posted on 05/12/2021
Mayor and Council

Our next Council Meeting will be held May 17, 2021. This will be a teleconference/video meeting that will broadcast via Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube Live.

Zoom Link:

US Toll-free 888-788-0099 (Toll Free)
Meeting ID: 930 8556 8868

If you're interested in reviewing the agenda documents, click here:   Council Workshop   05-17-21 Workshop Session Agenda.pdf and Council Regular Session  05-17-21 Regular Session Agenda.pdf 

Additionally, citizens wishing to give citizen remarks during a Regular Session Council meeting can choose one of two options:

Option #1:
Submit an email with your name, address and comment/remark to  no later than 7:00 pm on May 17, 2021The City Clerk will read your name, address and comment into the official record.

  • Submit an email with your name to no later than 7:00 pm on May 17, 2021The body of the email should state that you are signing up to virtually attend the meeting to give your public comment live.
  • Once Citizen Remarks begin, you may click on “Raise Your Hand” in the Zoom Meeting to speak. You will be acknowledged at that point; and remember to turn your mic on (left hand corner). You will have (3) minutes to speak. After (3) minutes, your mic will be muted.
  • Once all Citizen Remarks are made, individuals who did not check in at 7:00 pm will be allowed to speak for (1) minute only per person. No additional public comments will be received after that time.

 Speakers must limit their remarks to no more than (3) minutes.
 Speakers must not employ tactics of intimidation, profanity, or threats of violence in their comments.
Anyone who demonstrates these behaviors will not have their comments read into the record.
 (1) Specific topic may NOT be discussed during Citizens Remarks for more than 9 minutes.
Citizen Remarks for all comments will not exceed (30) minutes.

Those who wish to speak during a Public Hearing item (not Citizen Remarks) can choose to do so during that portion of the agenda. You will need to access the Zoom

Note** Once the public hearing opens, you may click on “Raise Your Hand” in the Zoom Meeting to speak.

You will be acknowledged at that point; and remember to turn your mic on (left hand corner). Once the public hearing closes, you will longer be able to speak.