College Park Vision, Mission & Core Values

                                         Vision Statements

  • To be regionally, nationally, and globally recognized as a community template for harmony, hospitality, and hope for residents and businesses alike.

  • To unify this 21st-century global city with a spirit of education, a focus on economic empowerment, and an assurance of safety that each stakeholder can embrace.
  • To eliminate a culture that simply focuses on what we have accomplished by creating a clear image of who we are, what we believe, and why you belong.  


To cultivate a community where businesses, families, and individuals can work, play, and live in a safe and diverse environment.

                                     Core Values

The City desires to promote and behave according to a set of values that will help the City succeed. It will be incumbent upon each staff member, citizens and Councilperson to live out these values and “call-out” our friends when we are not living out these values. Those core values are:

As a City Council and Staff Team, we commit to working in a way that creates harmony.  We will emphasize dignity, listening well to others, respect for others and being open to new ideas.

We are a hospitality city and desire to act and function in a way that emphasizes the importance of the person we are serving.  We are committed to serving others promptly, courteously and professionally.  We want visitors and citizens to feel welcome and as though they belong.

We value advancement for the City as a whole and advancement on a Council and Staff basis as well.  We want to be future-oriented and open to way to advance the City, our citizens and our staff team. 

We believe that our success depends on our leadership ability.   To focus on excellence, set and address big goals, to serve others, equip our employees to succeed, and listen to the needs of the community. 

Without investing in the Council and staff team’s professional growth, the team will stifle and not advance the cause of the City.  We are committed to the professional development and professional actions of the team.  We will act in a professional way that serves the City before ourselves.