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FAA Analysis - Neighborhood Environmental Survey

Update* - the Federal Aviation Administration's Neighborhood Environmental Survey input has been extended to April 14, 2021; click the following link to go directly to the federal register, then click the green tab "Submit A Formal Comment."   
Link To Submit A Formal Comment Regarding NES

Are you annoyed by airport noise?
If so, you have an opportunity to share your noise experience, comment on airport noise's impact on you, and to comment on the FAA’s recent noise research.

First, Rep. Kim Schofield, Georgia House District 60, is hosting a Town Hall - Public Awareness On Airport Noise - Wednesday, 2/24/2021, 6:00 PM. Click the flyer below to register.

Airport Noise Town Hall

Also, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published its 'Analysis of the Neighborhood Environmental Survey' (NES).
Links to the document are shown below. 
*Comments must be posted to the FAA's website by 11:59am April 14, 2021.
The FAA has undertaken a multi-year research effort to quantify the impacts of aircraft noise exposure on communities around commercial airports in the United States (US). The FAA collected data from adult residents living around 20 US airports. Just over 10,000 people completed and returned the mailed questionnaire. 

The Neighborhood Environmental Survey shows that a higher percentage of people are annoyed today than were annoyed in the past, at similar levels of noise exposure - using the FAA’s standard noise exposure measure. Have people just gotten more sensitive? Has aircraft noise changed in a way that the standard exposure measure doesn’t take into account? What do you think is different?

College Park's Ward I Councilman Ambrose Clay has provided the following link to access important NES information 
Link to the FAA's NES website at: www.faa.gov/go/aviationnoise (select ‘review the survey introduction’, ‘read the survey report’ and ‘provide your comments’)
Link to the FAA's NES Comment form:

Reminder (update):
*Comments must be posted to the FAA's website by 11:59 am April 14, 2021.  
College Park noise measurement and noise mitigation documents to review:
Link to Councilman Clay’s noise metric presentation: http://clayoncouncil.com/download/noise20150308gredact.pdf
Link to Councilman Clay’s mitigation presentation: http://clayoncouncil.com/download/gatechae4803-20180207b.pdf