Criminal Investigation Division


Major Nathan Ward is the commander of Field Operations, which consists of Uniform Patrol, Community Policing, Traffic, Special Operations, and the S.W.A.T. team.

He is an 8 year veteran of the United States Army where he attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.

He began his career with the College Park Police Department in 2003 and has served as a Field Training Officer, Assistant Watch Officer, Special Operations Commander, CID Commander, SWAT operator, and SWAT Commander.

He possesses the Georgia POST Intermediate, Advanced, Field Training Officer, Supervision, and Management Certifications and was selected as College Park Police Officer of the Year in 2010.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Saint Leo University and a master’s degree from Fort Hays State University in Criminal Justice.

Major Ward can be reached at (404) 761-3131 ext. 2007

Major Ward


SGT. M. LONG 404-761-3131 ext 2236
SGT. O MANNING 404-761-3131 ext 2260
DET. J. THOMAS 404-761-3131 ext 2158
DET. K. POGORZELSKI 404-761-3131 ext 2256
DET. C. SNOW 404-761-3131 ext 2254
DET. D. ZELLERS 404-761-3131
DET. J. DURDEN 404-761-3131 ext 2253
DET. J. BLAKENSHIP 404-761-3131 ext 2329
DET. R. HINES 404-761-3131 ext 2245
S.ROBINSON-ADMIN 404-761-3131 ext 2257