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Rules & Votes

To adopt an ordinance or carry a motion requires either three yes votes or two yes votes, one no vote, and one abstention. The Mayor does not vote unless there is a tie. The Mayor may then vote to break the tie.

The following are rules for College Park City Council Meetings.


After reading an item on the agenda, the Mayor will call for a Discussion. Once Council Members have finished the discussion, the Mayor will request a Motion. A Council Member makes a motion by saying "So Move" or "I make a motion." A second Council Member must second the Motion by saying "Second" before the Mayor can call for a vote. Finally, the Mayor will ask for Council members to vote to Adopt the Ordinance or to Carry the Motion.


Three Council Members must be present at any meeting to constitute a Quorum.

Remarks of Citizens
Citizens are invited to make comments on non-agenda items at the start of Council meetings. Citizens may only speak for a period of three minutes. Citizens may only remark on agenda items that are considered to be public hearings, and only when recognized by the Mayor. Citizens wishing to speak on a topic will be required to state their name and address for the record and print their name and address on a sign-in sheet at the podium.