For zoning inquiries, please first verify your location. A College Park address does not necessarily mean that you're located within the City boundaries. Check out the City Limit Map to help determine your jurisdiction. 

If your property is in College Park - check out the active GIS map and enter the property address to find out your zoning: College Park Interactive Zoning Map 

You can also check out the Fulton County Property Map for more information on your property. But be aware that the County Map does not always reflect the correct zoning! 

College Park Zoning Ordinance 

College Park Zoning Districts

R1 - Low Density Residential District 
R2 - Medium Density Residential District 
R3 - High Density Residential District 
RM - Multiple Family Residential District
DC - Downtown Commercial District
DO - Downtown Office District
OP - Office Professional District
BP - Business Park District 
C1 - Neighborhood Business District 
C2 - Community Business District 
HC - Hospitality Campus District 
M1 - Light Industrial District 
M2 - Heavy Industrial District 
TR - Transportation District
TOD - Transit Oriented Development