Procurement & Awards Methods

Formal Request For Proposal (RFP)

This method is used where the cost of commodities and services is $10,000 or greater, where there are clear and defined specifications available.

RFPs are advertised in the City’s legal organ (South Fulton Neighbor). In addition, RFPs are posted in the foyer at City Hall and published on the City of College Park website under the Bids/RFPs location, Vendor and DOAS GPR (Georgia Procurement Registry).


The bid opening will be conducted by the Purchasing Department with the requesting department and any interested citizens or vendors. Once all responses have been received and opened at the public meeting, the results will be recorded to determine the total value from each vendor, then forwarded to the requesting department for final review.

A recommendation for award shall be presented during an official public meeting of the Mayor and Council, who will make the final decision for all awards $10,000 or more.