The City of College Park’s, Purchasing Department mission is to provide the highest level of service and support to all City departments and vendors within a timely manner.

In doing so, this facilitates and enhances day-to-day operations as well as aide and instruct prospective vendors of the proper methods for conducting business with our great historic City.

The City of College Park maintains a registry database, through Vendor Registry.com, for any vendor who have an interest in doing business with our City. Please complete the registration by clicking on the registration link College Park Vendor Registration if you would like to be included in this database.

The City of College Park believes this database will allow for more proficiency as well as competitiveness during the bid solicitation process.


Bidders and Proponents are required to comply with the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act of 2006.

Pursuant to the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, as amended on May 11, 2009, bidders and proponents are notified that all bids/proposals submitted to the City for services that are to be physically performed within the State of Georgia must be accompanied by proof of their registration with and participation in the E-Verify program established by the United States Department of Homeland Security.  A completed affidavit must be submitted on the top of the bid/proposal at the time of submission, prior to the time for opening bids/proposals.  Under state law, the City cannot consider any bid/proposal which does not include a completed affidavit.  It is not the intent of this notice to provide detailed information or legal advice concerning the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, as amended on May 11, 2009. 

All bidders/proponents intending to do business with the City are responsible for independently apprising themselves and complying with the requirements of that law and its effect on City procurement and their participation in those procurement.

For additional information on the E-Verify program or to enroll, 
click here.

Vendors may view open and/or closed bid information on our website under the Bids / RFPs link on the home page or visiting the Purchasing Department page. This online information does not replace the present bid process but is provided as a public service to the anyone that has or wishes to conduct business with the City of College Park.

Bids proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope, appropriately marked as specified in each bid package. All bid proposals should only be accepted by the College Park Purchasing Department at 3667 Main Street | College Park | GA 30337 on or Before the assigned date and time as advertised. Bids received in any other department (unless otherwise stated in the bid documents) will not be accepted.

Bid proposals are not accepted via email or fax and will not be considered.

Supplier Registration / Team Georgia Marketplace

Team Georgia Marketplace is the center for e-business matching Georgia government buyers with sellers. By registering in Team Georgia Marketplace, your contact information and the NIGP codes for which you are registered will be available to state entities. If your profile contains matching NIGP codes for a competitive solicitation, you will receive an automatic email notification.

The first step in becoming a successful supplier with the State of Georgia is properly registering your company in the
Team Georgia Marketplace registration system.

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