Bid Protest

Any interested party desiring to protest, challenge or otherwise pursue a claim against any aspect of procurement must comply with College Park's Protest Policy.

  1. Bidders or respondents who do not agree with the City's recommendation for award shall be afforded the opportunity to protest the recommendation by submitting written notice to the Purchasing Department. Bids or proposals not meeting the minimum published requirements including specifications and/or scope of service, are not subject to protest.
  2. Such notice should be given within five (5) business days after notice of award or of the date, the petitioner could reasonably be expected to have known of the City's recommendation.
  3. Written notice shall state the grounds for the protest and the action requested.
  4. The Purchasing Department shall prepare and submit written determination to the City Manager recommending either approval or disapproval of the petition. The petitioner shall be furnished a copy of the written determination and recommendation.
  5. The City Manager shall review and either approve or disapprove the Purchasing Department recommendation on the petition, employing any reasonable means to reach the decision. The petitioner shall be furnished a copy of the decision.
  6. In the event of a timely protest and/or appeal, the City shall not proceed further with the solicitation or with the award unless the City Manager justifies the award in order to protest the public health, welfare, or safety of the City.
  7. A final decision under this section shall be conclusive and shall represent the position of the City.