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Airport Affairs
Learn about Airport Affairs and more
Building & Property Sustainability
Learn about the Department of Building and Sustainability.
Business License / Occupation Tax
Come to the Business License / Occupation Tax Department to ensure your business is properly licensed 
College Park Fire Department
Browse College Park Fire Rescue's web pages and learn about the classes, services and more they offer to College Park citizens
College Park Municipal Court Services 
If you need to find scheduled court dates, make payments or additional information
College Park Municipal Golf Course
Built in the early 1900's

College Park Police Department
Browse the local Police Department's web pages to learn about the services they provide to College Park residents
College Park Power
Come learn about College Park Power and its initiatives.
Communications/Public Information
Find information on the Communications/Public Information Office and come see where you can view photos and media from City Events
Customer Service
Electric, Water, Sewer, Storm Water and Sanitation collection services

Department of Public Works
Come see the sanitation pickup schedule and learn about the responsibilities of the Public Works Department 
Economic Development
Read about the new development projects happening in College Park under our Economic Development Department 
Here you can review the duties of the Engineering Department
Finance and Accounting
View the mission and responsibilities for the Finance Department and see contact information
Georgia International Convention Center (GICC)
Come learn about the second largest convention center in the state of Georgia and the only convention center in the USA connected by SkyRail to the country's busiest airport
Human Resources and Risk Management
Review the responsibilities of the Human Resources and view employment opportunities
Information Technology & Telecommunications
Find out what "I.T." means for College Park and learn about their new organization chart
Office of the City Clerk
This is where you'll find information on council agendas, minutes, election information, ordinances, resolutions, and more.
Office of the City Manager
Oversee all day-to-day City staff and department operations

Planning & Zoning
Find out about the city code, zoning applications, and more from the Planning and Zoning Department
Property Taxes
The billing and collection of property taxes for the City of College Park

Here you'll find information on vendor registration, procurement and awards, and more
Recreation & Cultural Arts
Come learn about the wonderful parks and fields located in College Park and also the exciting programs offered by our R.C.A. Department