Welcome to the Engineering Department, where we are dedicated to executing essential engineering work, focusing on designing, investigating, and constructing critical Public Works projects such as streets and utilities. With a deep commitment to excellence and community-centric solutions, we take great pride in contributing to the growth and development of College Park.


Our mission is to empower the community through innovative and sustainable engineering solutions, while preserving our rich history and embracing progress. With a collaborative and forward-thinking approach, we strive to shape a resilient and united future. Guided by a commitment to engineering excellence and leveraging technology, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all stakeholders.


Our vision is to pursue excellence, empowering a vibrant, resilient future with innovative engineering solutions. Guided by a community-centric approach, we foster collaboration and forward-thinking efforts to prioritize the long-term interests of our cherished community. Through our endeavors, we aspire to leave a legacy that illuminates College Park's brilliant and prosperous tomorrow.


Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program: Implementing effective measures to manage erosion and sedimentation, preserving the environmental integrity of our community. 

Enforcing Ordinances: Regulating private development to ensure that it does not negatively impact public facilities, safeguarding the city's infrastructure and resources.


The Engineering Department provides valuable support to the following departments:

Building and Inspections: Collaborating to ensure that construction projects meet safety and code compliance standards. 

Economic Development: Contributing technical expertise to promote sustainable development and growth opportunities in College Park. 

Public Works: Partnering to design and implement essential public infrastructure projects that enhance the community's well-being.


Our team offers technical assistance and advice to project developers seeking to build within the City of College Park. We aim to facilitate a seamless process while ensuring that all projects align with the city's long-term interests and development goals.


The Engineering Department conducts inspections, designs public works projects, and investigates citizen complaints related to various aspects, such as storm drainage, erosion control, and traffic management, we strive to enhance the safety and quality of life for all residents and visitors in College Park. 

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Monday - Friday 
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM