Business & Industrial Development Authority


The City of College Park’s Business and Industrial Development Authority (BIDA) works to encourage business relocation and expansion by offering access to BIDA owned property and BIDA funding initiatives.

The purpose of BIDA, according to Georgia Senate Resolution No. 348: To attain development and promote for the public good, general welfare, trade commerce, industry and employment opportunities. For more 
details click SR 348.

2019 BIDA Agenda Schedule

Clearly College Park BIDA Board Members

Aaron Paxton Arnold
Aaron Paxton Arnold
BIDA Board Member Ward III
Eleanor Cornelius
 Eleanor Cornelius, Chair
BIDA Board Member Ward IV

Jamelle McKenzie
Jamelle McKenzie
BIDA Board Member Ward I

Demetrius Taylor
Demetrius Taylor
BIDA Board Member, Ward II
Subrenia M Willis
Subrenia Miller Willis
BIDA Board Member