Business & Industrial Development Authority


The Clearly College Park Development Authority, also known as the College Park Business and Industrial Development Authority, works to encourage business relocation and expansion by offering access to city-owned property and funding initiatives.

The purpose of the Development Authority, according to Georgia Senate Resolution No. 348: To attain development and promotion for the public good, general welfare, trade commerce, industry, and employment opportunities. For more details click SR 348

BIDA 2022 Meeting Agenda Schedule.pdf

Clearly College Park BIDA Board Members

                        Mayor Motley Broom    Councilman Allen
                 Bianca Motley Broom, Mayor       Ken Allen, Mayor Pro-Team                                          

 Jamelle McKenzie Aminata Bojang   Dr. Anita Brown Catus         Mrs. Selissa Jefferson    Leslie Zinn
  Jamelle McKenzie      Aminata Bojang        Dr. Anita Brown Catus       Mrs. Selissa Jefferson.      Leslie Zinn
  BIDA Board Chair    BIDA Board Member     BIDA Board Member.        BIDA Board Member    BIDA At-Large
  Ward I                 Ward II                  Ward III                      Ward IV