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City Clerk

One of the oldest offices in public service, the Office of the City Clerk is a vital part of any local government.

The staff works to provide a professional link between its citizens, the legislative branch (employees & staff), and other governing agencies, businesses & professional associates.

The City Clerk is a public servant charged with the responsibility of serving the best interests of all citizens.

Maintaining integrity and transparency in the Office of the City Clerk is its principal objective. This office is also responsible for updating the Governing Body of new legislation affecting the City.

Also, the Office of the City Clerk is responsible for ensuring that the City is in compliance with applicable laws including:

Open Records
Open Meetings
Occupation Tax Regulations
Alcoholic Beverage
Election Laws


The goal of the 2020 Census is to count everyone once, only once and in the right place. Let's make it count College Park! 

Interim City Clerk
Shavala Moore
City Clerk

Thorton, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Thornton

Deputy City Clerk

Phone: (404) 669-3754
Fax: (404) 305-2107

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM