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The ATL Airport District Convention & Visitors Bureau is proud to introduce you to the Discover the District city marketing program. As the convention & visitors bureau for the airport area, including College Park, we strive to market our overall ATL Airport District brand to visitors traveling to our area both domestically and internationally. As part of that marketing effort, we also understand the importance of marketing your individual city, and the unique identity that College Park brings to make up the ATL Airport District!

You might recall that we began the fiscal year with a roll out of your city’s microsite, and most recently a brochure and video that highlight some of your city’s most popular points of interest.

One of the key goals of the Discover the District marketing program is to provide each of you, our city partners, with a set of resources that provide a consistent brand identity that can be used across a variety of media and formats. These assets are reflective of the look and feel of the microsite, brochure and video, and are yours to use to market and promote your city.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments regarding these materials. We hope you find them helpful and enjoy using them.


Below are links to all the resources you’ll need to get started.


Meet College Park

In this email you’ll find your city’s Brand Standards Guide, a comprehensive packet describing how to best implement your “Discover the District” brand standards and stay true to Meet College Park, while also remaining connected to the District. In the Guide, you’ll notice multiple options for ads and communication materials, giving you the freedom to vary your deliverables.

Have fun with this, however, to ensure a consistent brand image, we do suggest following the recommended guidelines.

>> click here << to download your new brand standards guide

All brand assets are housed in a Dropbox account and separated by category. Click on the below links to download and use the appropriate files for all print and digital applications. For convenience, this Dropbox folder will stay active for the duration of the program.

>> click here << for all PRINT assets

>> click here << for all DIGITAL/WEB assets

>> click here << for all available TEMPLATE files

>> click here << for all available IMAGE files

>> click here << for all available FONTS files


On behalf of the ATL Airport District, we’re excited to share a branded video that our team has put together for you. We plan to integrate these videos into our sales and marketing efforts in the coming year. We hope they will be a useful marketing tool to help draw visitors and interest to the area and celebrate the unique experience that College Park has to offer!

>> click here << to download the video

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