Employee Recognition Program and Nomination Form

Do you know an employee that has displayed exemplary performance or has made a significant contribution to The City of College Park? Now you have a way to say thank you!

All-Star Employee of The Month Nomination Form

The employee recognition program is based upon the concept of promoting team spirit. The City of College Park recognizes and values the strength in our employees and will continue to encourage and support efforts in building a team environment. The Employee of the Month Program will recognize one employee each month. Nominations for the award (including self-nominations) may be submitted by any employee using the nomination form. Nominations are based on employees who exhibit the City of College Park’s CORE Values (Hospitality, Equity & Inclusion, Advancement, Leadership, Transparency & Professionalism and/or Harmony).

Completed forms may be submitted to [email protected] by the 15th of every month. Every month the Employee of the Month will be announced at the first Council meeting. The employee of the month will be recognized and awarded the following:  

  • $150.00 
  • Approved Day Off
  • Employee of The Month T-Shirt
  • Photo Posted on the Wall of Fame
  • Photo Posted on LED