College Park PD Policies

The College Park Police Department has updated the following policies:

The Vehicle Pursuit Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines and direction to the College Park Police Department officer and personnel: for the establishment of responsibility for the safe operation of police vehicles during a pursuit; for the initiation or discontinuation of pursuits; for the responsibility of participating officers and supervisor; and to provide the essential balancing of the necessity for the pursuit and more immediate apprehension of the fleeing subject against the risks involved with the pursuit which might include death, injury and/or property damage. (view complete policy)

The Use of Force Policy

It is the purpose of this policy to establish and prescribe guidelines for the lawful use of force by members of the College Park Police Department.  This section shall also establish standard operating procedures for regulating use of force incidents and for the investigation of those incidents. The section will establish standard operating procedures for addressing critical incidents/post critical incidents. (view complete policy)

The Body Camera Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to set standards related to the use, management, storage and retrieval of digital multimedia video files stored on or generated from the use of department issued or approved body-worn cameras. The implementation of the body worn camera system is designed to strengthen police accountability, resolve officer-involved incidents/complaints, improve agency transparency, improve evidence documentation, identify officer’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify departmental strengths and weaknesses. (view complete policy)