Watering Restrictions

Odd-Even System
The City of College Park is reminding its citizens that mandatory year-round outdoor watering restrictions are in effect. The restrictions state that residences, businesses, government, or institutional offices, and other facilities may use water for irrigation and non-essential uses are on the Odd-Even system.

This means that even-numbered street addresses may use water outdoors on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Odd-numbered street addresses may use water outdoors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Outdoor Watering
No outdoor watering is permitted between the hours of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Water use that is essential and integral in daily conduct of business in not included in the prohibition.

Essential & Integral Uses
Examples of such essential and integral uses are commercial car washes, construction sites, commercial power washing, commercial hydro-seeding, and professional licensed landscapers, golf course contractors, and sports turf landscapers during installation and 30 days following installation.

Water use by City residents is not prohibited during the seeding, over-seeding or installation of sod for 30 days following the installation. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at (404) 669-3778.