Inviting Business Climate
College Park represents stable operating rates and a diverse economic base demonstrating consistent growth year after year. The economy of the area is very inviting for any businesses seeking an excellent tax structure.

Convenient access to all forms of transportation and neighborhood amenities make College Park a great location.

Available Land

Several hundred acres of commercial and industrial property adjacent to the world’s busiest airport is available for development. The property adjoins Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and is owned by the College Park Business and Industrial Developments Authority.

The Authority markets the land and participates in joint ventures with developers, providing quality development projects in the area. A variety of other sites and buildings are also available.

Prime Available Space 
College Park is one of the fastest growing cities in metropolitan Atlanta. Several hundred thousand square feet of office, retail, and industrial space are available in prime locations throughout the city. This highly desirable space is available in a range of sizes up to 450,000 square feet.

Our Development Department will assist you in locating your business within College Park. For assistance, please call(404) 669-3764.

Additional Information