Code Enforcement

City of College Park Code Enforcement Division
3667 Main Street College Park, GA 30337

The City of College Park Code Enforcement Division works to promote and maintain a safe, desirable living and work environment. We administer a fair and unbiased process to correct code violations and zoning requirements.

Benefits of Code Enforcement

•Reduces blight, hazardous and unsanitary conditions.

• Preserves the integrity of a community.

• Protects the value of your property.

• Encourages a sense of pride in property owners. 

• Promotes a stable community. 

• Lowers crime rates. 

• Provides safe, sustainable, and an attractive community.

• Supports economic development.

Marcus Robinson
Marcus Robinson
Director Chief Building Official 
Phone: (404) 669-3762
Fax: (404) 669-4608

Monday - Friday 
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM